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April 18, 2007


patti abbott

I think that's what got all of us--that image of someone who'd been through so much yet had so much to give.
The security at the university where I work at has really been beefed up this week.


Very well said.


Broke my heart, too. Husband Wes said it was the saddest thing, even in light of all the young, fresh faces who were lost.

Sue Ann Jaffarian

I linked my blog to yours today.

I'm sorry Prof. Librescu was killed, but glad he was there to save young lives. Who knows how much higher the death toll might have been otherwise.

When reading your blog, I couldn't help but think about #1 who will be going off to college soon.

Jeff Sherratt

I had a dream where all the special groups that are running the country now took over the offices and chambers of Congress and also moved in to the White House. They bought the buildings, and all of the people inside were made to say the new pledge of allegiance. "I pledge allegiance to money and power of the corporation, to the wishes they demand: one nation under our CEOs, and justice for none..." Just think how much better our country would be if the politicians just did what was right for the good of the people..

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