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August 24, 2007


patti abbott

Hope someday, you can also share your love for writing.


Okay, tell me why you love the Maltese Falcon so much. Someone picked up a falcon statue at a garage sale for me, so Wes and I rented it and saw it again. I know this is sacrilege, but it quite didn't do it for me. Educate me.

Keith Raffel

Patti, Really? Someone once said you should only choose writing if you have to, if you have no choice. Presumably, that's a reference to how poorly it pays and how tough it is to make it. Should I wish that on my children? I'd certainly be supportive.

Naomi, I'll watch it one more time with #1 who has not seen it and then get back to you. BTW, the book is my favorite as well.

patti abbott

You're right. Send them to business school and don't look back. Writing is a heartbreaker nowadays.

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