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April 07, 2008


Bill Cameron

But I already applied. Though you do have a better trenchcoat.


Hey, I have a job like that. I'm a housewife. I get manicures all the time. I recommend books, talk about books at dinner parties, and though I don't as a rule follow people to their bedrooms I do keep it up at lacrosse games, safeway, bunco, etc....but oh yeah, I forgot, I live in Danville so I guess I'm just talkin to my freakin self

and Bill....you have THE VEST - and the horse-butt pin - Style's your middle name

Keith Raffel

Bill, you want to go into guests rooms wearing a trenchcoat?

Sophie, I took a look at #4's fingernails this AM and gave him a manicure. Maybe that will give me a leg up.

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