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December 30, 2006


patti abbott

Are you kidding? I went away for two days without my laptop so as not to have my traveling companions think me crazy and I spent the entire time eyeing the public library across the street. My daughter gave it up completely two months ago though and said it gave her an hour a day back.

Sue Ann Jaffarian

The Internet to me is like a big ole candy store and I'm a five year old with a pocket full of nickels.

This is another reason why I opted to get a Neo by AlphaSmart instead of another laptop -- no Internet, no games, no e-mail, etc., etc. Just writing!


Parental controls are usually set up by parents for their kids. However, in this case, maybe your kids could set up "Parent Control" to keep you in check. They could check the "Nothing Educational Allowed" box.

(As if I'm anyone to talk--I'm sending this through our wireless DSL in our mountain retreat.)

Shelly King

I kept the internet and gave up TV. I'm much happier:-) Happy New Year!


Internet ADD -- that's me!

Update on Dot Dead readership in my household. I read it before Xmas, thoroughly enjoyed it. Gave it to my wife as a gift and she virtually inhaled it.

So two readers here waiting for book 2 ... does that help with the ADD?

Keith Raffel

Some comments:

I need the Internet for research so I can't go cold turkey, Patti and Shelly.

Sue Ann, the Neo's screen seems awfully small.

Craig, do you have some sort of parental control device that you would recommend? Come to think about it, do you have a children's control device you could recommend? Someone asked me about that.

Seth, glad your wife liked it. Two readers already lined up for Book #2! I'd better get cracking.

Sue Ann Jaffarian


Make that 3 readers for book 2.

And the Neo screen is small, but it's intended for original input not for final editing. When the final edits need to be done I'll be wrestling again with the Internet ADD. I'll let you know how the Neo works out.

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