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July 25, 2007



I'm about to get you a LOT more traffic, Keith. I hope you have an analytics program set up...


Is that you, Nikki?


Finke is the most overrated blow hard in LA. Linking to you is the kiss of death.


Reading Finke is the highlight of my day.

Charles Dickens

Ms Finke is the best of the "Hollywood" columnists... imho...

Iron Flatline

I think that's priceless. Thanks for posting.

Rockin' Rich

Maybe it's not kosher Mel is keeping; maybe it's halal.

Jeff Shelby

As someone who watched Klesko flounder around in SD for a few yrs I feel comfortable saying he's a bozo. Nice guy, but a bozo.


I believe that Hebrew Hotdog brand is owned by Conagra Foods, maker of Heathly Choice entrees, I do not know if they are own by Jews or not.


Nikki has the best sources and stories in Hollywood. She is the best. Very funny story. And contrary to popular opinion, Mel Gibson is not being banished by all Jews-some of us do have forgiving hearts.

David Ortiz

It's ironic how people are all upset at Mel Gibson for his drunken yet harmless rant.
On the other hand, the President of Iran calls Jews "monkeys and pigs," and promises to wipe Israel off the map, yet it just doesn't seem to animate very many of the same people who are angry with Mel.

I'm just pointing out facts.


Nikki Finke is the best source of info in Tinsel town and tells the truth. Mel Gibson's successful public record of 25 years in Hollywood has always been that of one of Hollywood's nicest and most generous guys and nothing has changed. The media hype over Mel being shunned was journalistic claptrap put out by those who hate him because he has fame,looks, money, a nice family and is multi-talented. Mel has not sought publicity (like Abe Foxman of the ADL)for making long term amends by meeting with leaders in the Jewish community. Kudos (or Kosher) to Mel.


Um. I don't think anyone's rushing to greenlight Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's next project, either.

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