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July 15, 2007




I missed you again. First at LATFOB and now Thriller Fest. I was in the bar both Friday and Saturday evenings. One of these days...

Jim Born had his daughter on this trip. She's fourteen and I think she wins for youngest at the Fest.

Keith Raffel

Put up a mug shot on your website so I can get a better idea of what you look like.

My #1 was a registered attendee. Jim's daughter, too?


P.S. I do love your city.

Sue Ann Jaffararian

Sigh, I wished I'd been there, even though I don't write thrillers. You mentioned so many friends, I felt like a mouse in your pocket.

Mark Combes


It was fantastic to see you again - and now that I know you are a movie star, I'll be much nicer. And #1 is a charmer - you should be very proud. If I were 20 years - no make that 25 years - younger...

Bill Cameron

And a grand time was had by all. Thanks for pulling together the dinner! A very nice evening!

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