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May 27, 2008



Comment from a librarian here.... I can certainly see both sides of this issue. In general, libraries provide a solid source of revenue to publishers and, thereby, to authors. As you might know, US libraries stock many more titles and volumes than UK libraries. Also, public libraries in the US are very local in nature. If such a fee structure were implemented in the US (as has been discussed from time to time), the burden would be borne by local taxpayers, as the fees would, almost certainly, be paid the the funding agency of the library (generally a city or county government). The result would be fewer books purchased by libraries which might--or might not--result in greater sales to authors. For author's who write for children, the result would certainly be far fewer sales and less income. It's a complex situation, is basically what I'm saying.


Lots of readers like to "try before they buy" -- you should assume some of the borrowers will buy subsequent books based on a positive experience reading the first one.

Doesn't help with the catch-22 of getting subsequent books published, of course! How is Two Graves coming along?

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