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May 02, 2008


Jess Lourey

Ha! You put up a good fight, Keith, but in the end, it was better you let us blog than youse sleep with the fishes.

Keith Raffel

As my grandpappy told me, "Look closely at the hands of the women who are asking you for something. If they are wearing the ring you gave them or the gun someone else did, just say yes."


Except I didn't use a glock. It would be a Smith and Wesson '38 Victory Model revolver... OF course, you were understandably nervous and not as observant as you would be under normal circumstances...


Well, if Thelma and Louise had decided not to go out in a blaze of glory, they would have turned to writing murder mysteries eventually.

I dunno, Dana. I know you're sexy and dangerous, but MOM jeans?


Oooh, that sounds like so much fun! I just wish you guys were coming south down the coast too!


Red, I'm NOT wearing MOM jeans. Not gonna happen.

I wish we were touring down south too! Not enough time or money for this one....


Okay I don't know what the heck MOM jeans are but here's my take on who will make the best Thelma or Louise - Since Dana is not married, from what I know, she would have to be an unmarried character. I don't know Jess at all but from her pics and all - I say you need to create two new Thelma/Louise type characters and have them both fit your personalities. Dana - you are tall like Geena Davis right? so you get the Geena Davis like character, married or not and who cares - jeans are jeans - so you can wear whatever type you want. Jess you don't look that tall so guess that makes you equivalent to the Susan Sarandon like character - let's call them new names - now coming up with similar but different names is a whole other matter. - oh well - I'm out of ideas - see you all in the postings - I like this post very much - Go a blazing up the west coast and have fun - E :)


Oh, but I AM married...and I"m not all that tall. 5' 8". We're looking at personality types here...but that's one vote for me as Louise and one vote for Jess as Louise! Or whatever names we come up with. :_)

Jess Lourey

You're not married? Are you?!!

Mom jeans are the kind that create a camel toe AND go halfway up to your boobs. No small feat.

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