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July 20, 2008


J.D. Rhoades

Oh, yeah, I really twisted your arm.

It was a blast hanging out with you, Keith. And I always felt that it was a mistake to get just an hour of sleep. Might as well stay up all night and sleep on the plane. And, thanks to Delta and the clusterf*@# that is JFK, I had four hours on the runway to do just that.

Next time, we toast the dawn.

Joe Moore

Hey Keith,
ThrillerFest was great, and so was our subway meetings. I say we do it every year whether we need to or not. And thanks for all your hard work. See you on the "S" line.

JT Ellison

Keith, you're going to be bothered for that dress forever. Might as well go ahead and get it ; )

Great to finally hang out with you. It was a pleasure.

Keith Raffel

Dusty, I will have to yield to your experience with all-nighters. Joe, I wonder what kind of discovery Cotten can make in the subway tunnels of NYC. JT, I guess if I say I have no idea what dress you're referring to, I get into even worse trouble. So I am saying nothing.

Sean Chercover

It was great hanging out way too late at T'fest, Keith. Until the next time...

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