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February 11, 2010


Alan Orloff

Hmm. The rattlesnake one sounds plausible, but I think I'll go with being lost in the Paris sewers.

Sue Ann Jaffarian

So many possibilities! I think you attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace and met the Queen.

But was first leaning towards the short marriage.

Diana James

Hey Keith this is fun!
So.. let's see...
You don't strike me as the camping type, so that's out.
Stephanie Zimbalist is a lesbian, so that's out.
You're being on Mondale's cabinet is too close to the truth.
You have way too many kids to have had a first wife...
The queen... maybe
Paul Newman... possibly (my paties are damp thinking about it)
But, I'm going with the Paris sewer.
Can't wait to hear the answer.

Michele Emrath

I'm afraid I don't know you well enough to guess at this, but everyone else seems to think the sewer...I'll go with the Queen!
Really I stopped by to tell you your books are the topic of today's post on my blog. Please stop by and read it if you have a moment. Also--date in March to guest blog?



i'm with the queen, although it surprises me that i've never heard the story. this game is much harder when i can't see the face of the person telling the lies. anyone can lie in writing.

Keith Raffel

Lie in writing? Me? Wait. That's my profession.


I'm going with Stephanie, but only because I know Ali McGraw wouldn't have you.

Beth Groiundwater

My guess is that you were really lost in the sewers of Paris and that your first marriage lasted less than 3 months. Not that I'd don't think you'd make a great husband, Keith, or that I think you don't have a good sense of direction, but that the others just sound too far-fetched to me. Now, what's your guess on which of my items are/is true?
- Beth


Deborah Sharp

Im guessing that really is you in the Jimmy Carter photo. Way to go, bringing down a presidency, Keith!

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I think you flew on a small plane with Paul Newman. Why not? Everything is possible

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