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March 15, 2010


L.J. Sellers

Thanks for sharing. My camera died halfway through the event, so I didn't get many photos. It was good to see you there.

Kelli Stanley (Writing)

Thanks for the photos and the memories, buddy! :)

Biggest highlights for me were seeing Becky win and getting to ride Angel's Flight to that delicious (and cheap!) chop suey at China Cafe.

See you soon, and meantime, back to WIPs!


Keith Raffel

L.J., you should have borrowed my camera. I'm sure you would have done better.

Kelli, and I was with you both times!

Suzanne Epstein

Just one little thing. I don't think we call it "Japantown" here in L.A. It is "Little Tokyo." Glad you enjoyed our convention.

G.M. Malliet

Next time! I will be at LCC next time, in NM!

Thanks for the excellent report, Keith. It does make me wish I'd been there.

Keith Raffel

Suzanne, should have done better research. It's Japantown in San Francisco and San Jose. Gin, of course, I wish you'd been there, too!

Ken Mercer

It was great to hang out with you, Keith. Thanks again for the drink and all the advice.

Darrell James

Always good to see you, Keith. Had a grreat time. Thanks for the photo recap.
Great job!

Michelle Gagnon

Great seeing you too, Keith. I always forget to bring a camera...

Keith Raffel

Ken, I gave the captain of the Titanic advice, too. Darrell and Michelle, till next time!

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