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January 26, 2011


Caridad Pineiro

Love your sense of humor, Lois. Can't wait to read this book.

Lois Winston

Thanks, Caridad!

Anne G

great interview. Always like finding a new mystery writer and series to read. Thanks! A

Jeff Salter

Lois, you said you regret spending thousands promoting your first two books.
Did that translate to sales enough to make it up in royalties?

Lois Winston

Thanks, Anne G! If you do buy the book, I hope you enjoy it.

Jeff, no it didn't, and it's not just me. I have many writing friends who have paid big bucks to publicists (far more than I spent) and have seen no bump in their sales as a result of the money spent.

GM  Malliet

HI, Lois. Good to see you here.

The character blog is a wonderful idea. I've thought of doing something like that but so far it's only a thought. Seems like a LOT of work!

Lois Winston

Hi Gin! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I have to admit that the character blog does take time, especially since I'm blogging as eight different characters and have to come up with stuff to post in each of their "job" categories. I try to stay a month or two ahead so I have less daily pressure. Usually, I'll work up several posts on the weekends and queue them up.

Deborah Sharp

Hmmm ''... and you did it standing up ... ''
You mean you DON'T?

Seriously, nice interview, Keith and Lois. I admire you for embarking on this blog tour, Lois. I'm tired just thinking of all the blogs you've visited. I bet Keith is your favorite host, though ...right?

Lois Winston

Hi Deborah! Thanks for stopping by. I have one more stop left on my tour tomorrow. Then I'm crashing! As for Keith being my favorite host, I wouldn't want to show favoritism, so let's just say he's my favorite male MI author host. ;-)

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